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Vessel Name Voyage(s) Location Speed Age
ALL VESSELSCruisers with reports
newer than 2 weeks
AFFINITYThe Valley, Anguilla (11.06 nm)anchored10.0d
AmistadCharleston, SC (0.81 nm)anchored1.4h
Blue WhaleColon, Panama (3.35 nm)anchored1.4h
GeronimoNassau, The Bahamas (41.05 nm)anchored1.4h
Harvey GamageCharleston, SC (0.82 nm)anchored1.4h
IllusionBeaufort, NC (0.17 nm)anchored1.4h
Irish RoverCutler, FL (1.28 nm)anchored1.3h
JadeNassau, The Bahamas (127.03 nm)anchored1.4h
KathleenVilano Beach, FL (0.77 nm)anchored2.0d
SapphireTrieste, Italy (13.05 nm)anchored1.4h
Tabor BoyMarion, MA (0.54 nm)anchored1.4h
VivaldiNassau, The Bahamas (116.25 nm)anchored1.4h
WhizzbangThe Valley, Anguilla (11.01 nm)anchored1.4h